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Some things one does are for money, some for fun, and a few could be categorized as pure ego. This was just such a project. A former employee had the desire to beat the rest of the world at "grass drag" snowmobile racing. In a class dominated by two cycle engines this effort was made in an attempt to beat the best in the world. In an evaluation of the basic design we thought that their design goal of 240 horsepower was achievable for the 660cc engine.

The Arctic Cat factory was contacted to see if this sled was going to be approved for racing. A qualified yes was given by Arctic Cat in that they said that the most they made from this combination after extensive testing was 160 horsepower, not enough to beat the two cycle engines currently used. We proceeded anyway. Three weeks prior to the "Hay Days" National Championship the "paper" designed combination was on the dyno for mapping of the engine management system. After 5 hours of testing the goal was met and exceeded. The 287 horsepower dyno sheet was forwarded to Arctic Cat, and they replied that this horsepower level was not possible. After beating the world record by seven miles an hour with a completely unsorted combination, their record was stripped because Arctic Cat failed to fill out the paperwork on the sled for competition use.

We can only assume that Arctic Cat would not believe that we made 350 horsepower the following year with the sorted combination! We could write a book on this one!!!

Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat 2